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Teaching Facilities

My teaching facility at home in North Shields, North Tyneside, comes equipped with the flagship top of the electronic range, Roland TD 50KV electronic drum kit. 

The added benefit of my set up is in allowing for easy recording capability through the computers digital audio work station (DAW) which allows for near perfect recording conditions whereby students can hear and assess their performances instantly. For those who wish to self promote via their chosen social media, or just would like a memento, I also have multi camera video recording capability. 

The flagship top of the range TD 50KV drum module
An image of my teaching set up with both elctronic and acoustic drums

I can on occasion also provide for acoustic drums to be available for the likes of final preparations for entry to exams and the like.

Lounging area available

For any parents accompanying students who have traveled some distance (or not) I have a separate lounge area with TV - Or if you wish to sit in on the lesson (particularly reassuring for younger students and parents alike especially in the earlier lessons) then that is also absolutely fine.

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